Our approach is simple.
Our results are extraordinary.

Our proven, four-step process is based on two solid pillars: research to yield a deep understanding of opportunities and strategy to create recommendations and solutions that make a difference.


Research gives members a voice, answers questions and provides solutions—all from the perspective of the audiences that matter. This is why McKinley’s approach includes research in almost every project we undertake—when done right, research can help you draw meaningful conclusions, provide a foundation for decision-making and serve as a catalyst for growth and transformation.
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McKinley’s in-house capabilities enable us to conduct cost-effective market and member research that yields actionable data and reports grounded in market realities. As a result, our research yields valuable data that shapes recommendations grounded in market realities. While we can never predict what the data will tell us, we always learn interesting things. In post-project research, 97% of our clients tell us they apply recommendations we deliver.

Unlike many consultants in the association world, we have solid research credentials—our research efforts are managed by an academically trained and professionally experienced research expert, Patrick Glaser. He has advanced degrees in survey research and his experience includes five years of leading research and standard setting for the Marketing Research Association.


Creative problem solving is at the heart of our practice. We understand the goals of organizations that are driven by missions, as opposed to profits, but also recognize that missions cannot be achieved without solid financial backing and practical thinking based on data and knowledge. Our expertise is at the intersection of those two strategies—combining non-profit goals and objectives with the sound business principles that enable them—and we apply these strategies to provide solutions tailored for your association’s unique needs and challenges.
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Because McKinley focuses exclusively on associations, we have acquired extensive knowledge of association business strategy, marketing approaches and membership dynamics. We leverage that broad repository of knowledge, gather vital market data about your association’s space, and work closely and collaboratively with you and your staff to develop the optimal approach. From the beginning of your project with McKinley, you have a team ready to listen and provide the most effective and efficient solutions to your challenges.

Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, we employ a four-step process to take a holistic look at your strengths, challenges and needs to create a strategy for tackling your project.


What are your association’s motivations, drivers and visions of success? When you engage McKinley, we immerse ourselves in your world to better understand your association’s strengths and challenges as well as your organizational and environmental realities. Working with your staff, we will formulate a project and plan to accomplish your goals.



We will use a data-driven approach—either by reviewing your sound research or conducting our own—to better understand your offerings, obstacles and opportunities, as well as your members, customers and prospects. Benefit from our broad perspective gained during our experience working with hundreds of associations.



Employing the findings from the Look and Learn phases, we will work with your staff to prioritize your objectives, set goals and create realistic and executable strategies or recommendations to solve your challenges.



Whether it is implementing on strategies we develop , presenting recommendations to your Board or creating a professional report for distribution to your membership, we are passionate about the quality of our deliverables which are informed by industry best practices, novel tools and approaches and customized solutions developed exclusively for your association.


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