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McKinley Solutions is a fully adaptable and customizable resource for your association, designed to meet each client’s precise needs in the areas of membership or marketing. Think of us as your own personal membership or marketing team. McKinley Solutions bridges associations’ staff and resource gaps by providing cost-effective, customized staff teams to address your group’s gaps, unique challenges and opportunities. We can take on all or part of your membership or marketing demands, working alongside your team to make incredible things happen for your association. Whether it’s to expand departmental capacities or to provide stellar strategic and tactical marketing expertise, we support discrete programs or offerings, like an annual meeting or a suite of professional development products, and also take on holistic enterprise-wide marketing responsibilities. With McKinley Solutions, you get a committed team of experts in association membership and marketing to efficiently fulfill your strategic and tactical needs—typically for less than it costs to hire an experienced marketing or membership professional.

“During the past year our McKinley team of three people has worked closely with the IIE staff to provide both strategic direction and ongoing tactical support. We have benefited from the different levels of expertise our McKinley team provides. And we get all this for approximately what I had paid one internal marketing director in the past. The marketing guidance we have received has been precise; and the return on our investment has been very high. I am looking forward to continuing our relationship with McKinley Advisors next year.”

–Donna Calvert, COO Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers

It is a great benefit to ICC to have McKinley’s broader association experiences to lend perspective to our efforts while at the same time see their team willing to get down to the finest tactical details to see positive outcomes of our efforts. I look forward to a continued association with McKinley.

– Laurence Genest, Vice President Marketing International Code Council

Why McKinley Solutions?

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