imageProduct and Program Development

To increase revenue and value to members, McKinley strategically assesses your offerings, capabilities and resources, along with the market’s needs, revenue opportunities and possible competition to make recommendations for your staff and Board consideration. We have a number of different approaches in our analytic tool kit to understand the dynamic between perceived value and fees paid for association dues, programs and products. Our focus is in the following areas:

  • Concept Testing
  • Program and Portfolio Assessments
  • Pricing Analysis
  • Program and Product Innovation

“McKinley Advisors...gave us practical results that were easy to implement, made sense from a strategic and tactical standpoint, and generated revenue for the association. What more could you ask for?”

"...Their expertise and access to a broad range of organizations provided the NAAB with much needed objective expertise, and their support enabled the NAAB to complete a strategically important project within the time frame required.”

"...provide a systematic way to ask the right questions and develop pricing recommendations and rationale...[giving] staff the confidence to price correctly and support their decisions to senior management and the Board of Directors.”

"We have used McKinley’s research results to inform our sponsorship and year round partnership positioning..."

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