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One size fits…Associations?

When I think back on some of my favorite professional conversations, I notice a recurring theme. Again and again, most of these long, late-night discussions with friends and colleagues about the nature of associations tend to explore the same group of fundamental questions: What is true for all associations? What do we have in common? […]

2010 Economic Impact on Associations Study

McKinley is pleased to publish the third in our series of benchmarking studies examining the impact of economic conditions on associations. The 2010 Economic Impact on Associations Study, examines how the reality of 2009 compared to expectations, measures the impact and effectiveness of various marketing techniques and gauges perceptions of the year to come.

Economic Impact Study: 6-Months Later

This month we release the follow-up to our 2009 Economic Impact Study, a mid-year update on association attitudes and behaviors resulting from the economic downturn. The initial study provided a glimpse of what associations were planning in January, and now we revisit the topics 6-months later to see what has actually happened. Many thanks to the contributions of the nearly 300 participants!

The State of Associations

McKinley recently published the first in a series of benchmarking studies examining the challenges faced by association professionals. The Economic Impact report is based on the responses of nearly 300 association executives who generously shared their concerns, past experiences and future plans.

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