Sharing Insights at McKinley’s RoundTables

Sharing Insights at McKinley’s RoundTables

The McKinley RoundTables Program brings association leaders together to discuss challenges and share knowledge while they participate in a benchmarking study. RoundTables occur on an annual basis with three, in-person sessions held throughout the year. The session themes, selected by participants, vary but focus on current issues of importance for associations. In April, McKinley hosted the first RoundTable session of 2016, focused on membership models.

McKinley collected data on membership and dues structures from the ten participating associations and presented the findings at the event. The results served as a starting point for conversations on what has worked and what hasn’t in membership models for associations.

The participating associations vary greatly in size and revenue yet face many of the same challenges when it comes to recruiting and retaining members. All participants benefited from the discourse, hearing successful strategies others have tried and adopted, and gaining a different perspective by looking outside their own view of their association. There was strong interest among participants in the à la carte style of membership, where members can choose what they receive with membership and what they pay. The associations that have tried that approach were able to share real accounts of its success and drawbacks.

Auto renewal and rolling membership were two other popular topics of discussion reflecting current association trends. Interested participants gained insight on both and left RoundTables with concrete pros and cons to present to top decision makers at their associations.

In addition to benefiting from the shared knowledge in the room, participants took advantage of McKinley’s association expertise, with data pulled not only from the participating associations but also from case studies, McKinley’s Economic Impact on Association (EIA) Study and information gained from past RoundTables. The research shared through RoundTables helps to build a robust knowledge bank and the conversations it sparks build community and empower association leaders to make strong, data-driven decisions.

Interested in participating in future RoundTables? Contact Christine Wagner by phone at 202.831.4687 or by email at [email protected].