Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Our Promise

McKinley is a people-first company. We embrace and celebrate the diversity of our staff, clients and community. We aim to ensure equity in our practices and cultivate an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome to contribute their unique strengths. As part of our commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) as an organization, we strive to do better every day.

Our Approach

The foundation of our DEI journey includes these three commitments:

  • Creating an inclusive workplace where all staff, partners and clients can bring their best selves each day.
  • Ensuring equity in hiring, promotion, compensation, professional development opportunities and performance evaluations.
  • As we grow and learn, giving each other the space, compassion and benefit of the doubt to be on this journey together.

Our Goals and Outcomes

As part of our ongoing DEI Action Plan, we’ve outlined the following goals:

  • All staff feel a sense of belonging at McKinley—that they are heard, welcome and valued.
  • We create and continue a corporate infrastructure that enables and ensures access and equity.
  • Our staff more accurately represents the diversity of our communities and clients.
  • Underrepresented groups have ample access and opportunity within McKinley.
  • Our staff are knowledgeable about issues surrounding DEI — including bias, discrimination, systemic racism, belonging — and understand how to be allies for their peers, colleagues and clients.
  • Our commitment to DEI is visible to all within our community, so they can continue to hold us accountable to our promises.

To do better and be better, our community needs honest dialogue and an open exchange of ideas and lessons learned. If you would like to hear more about our commitments, progress and challenges, please reach out. We would also love to hear about your DEI journey.