Benchmarking Study to Inform ACS’ Evaluation of Membership Metrics

Benchmarking Study to Inform ACS’ Evaluation of Membership Metrics
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Since 2010, American Chemical Society (ACS) has retained McKinley to conduct an annual membership benchmarking study to help inform ACS’ evaluation of its membership goals. Each year, McKinley updates and enhances metrics to be used in the comparative membership benchmarking study for longitudinal analysis and adds questions related to a focused area of study for the year. McKinley continues to assist ACS with its transition to an externally-driven, comparative model within the membership arena that will, over time help ACS improve and enhance its membership “dashboard” of metrics used to measure key performance indicators (e.g. method of dues calculation, global growth targets, underrepresented minority evolution, etc.).


Each year of the study, McKinley provides ACS with a study report which includes a list of participating associations for the year, membership “statistics” as submitted, graphs and charts comparing ACS to the benchmarking group, comparative ratios and updated dashboard ranges. ACS has used these studies to evolve and improve membership metrics across identified key performance indicators.