Expanding ASCE’s Opportunities

Expanding ASCE’s Opportunities
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Since 2004, the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), a $50-million organization with approximately 140,000 members, has trusted McKinley as their membership and marketing partner. We have worked together to support the organization’s vitality on numerous successful engagements, each involving a disciplined approach to data collection and application.


With over 160 years of history, ASCE’s brand had become quite complex and included over fifty discrete visual and verbal identities. McKinley guided an 18-month research and development process to create and implement an organization-wide brand strategy to align ASCE’s visual and verbal identity with its goals and operational infrastructure. Ultimately, the Society’s Board of Direction unanimously approved the approach, which has been fully implemented today and can be seen on ASCE’s website (www.asce.org).


McKinley assessed the organization’s portfolio of 26 e-newsletters sent to members and created a Communications Dashboard tool to find ways to strengthen the communications portfolio, improve e-newsletter effectiveness, and increase readership and engagement. ASCE is now streamlining their email communications processes and working to increase the effectiveness of each electronic communication sent to members.


ASCE and McKinley worked together to develop an institutional membership category to increase organizational engagement and support for ASCE, while specifically targeting younger engineers with membership and engagement opportunities. Institutional membership has been a very successful initiative for ASCE, and the division is now staffed with two full-time positions.