Increasing ASA’s Membership

Increasing ASA’s Membership
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Relationship Overview

The American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA), a $ 40 million medical professional society with nearly 50,000 members, has worked continuously with McKinley since 2009 to grow membership through effective marketing strategy and support.


Starting in 2009, ASA routinely retains McKinley to conduct comprehensive member needs assessments to understand members’ perceptions, motivations and needs. Our recommendations help ASA improve the value delivered to members and enhance the member experience overall. Our research efforts also serve as the basis for the membership marketing efforts described below.

Portfolio Assessment

McKinley assessed ASA’s portfolio of products and services to help the Society understand the financial and member value implications that each resource offered. Through the development of product dashboards, McKinley conducted an analysis of each ASA product and provided recommendations for ways to redeploy financial resources to provide optimal value for members.

Membership Marketing Solution

Starting in 2010, each year McKinley applies our research to strategize and develop a membership marketing plan prior to supporting its implementation. Through these membership marketing efforts, McKinley achieved new member acquisition resulting in a 2.78% member increase in 2010, a 5.37% increase 2011, a 4.46% increase in 2012 and a 2.7% increase in 2013, exceeding ASA’s goals and expectations.

Components Model

Since the time of World War II, ASA had used a federated model—where an ASA member is required to join both the national organization and his or her state component society. McKinley explored potential changes to the current national and component model resulting in recommendations to increase member satisfaction and value delivered through new structure options and best practices to support components and incentivize their performance.