Jodie Slaughter, FASAE

Founder & Chair 202.831.4650

For more than 25 years Jodie Slaughter has dedicated her career to helping associations solve their most pressing challenges. She founded McKinley in 1994 to bring new, creative and informed approaches to supporting associations. Since then her business acumen, marketing expertise and leadership skills have positioned McKinley as the leading consulting firm in the association world. Her ability to envision solutions when presented with problems, challenges and opportunities make her an invaluable asset to McKinley since her primary focus is on new business development.

Outside of her work at McKinley, Jodie is a loyal and active member of ASAE. She has volunteered in some capacity at almost every level of the association and has been invited to serve in many leadership roles. In 2011 Jodie received the highest honor bestowed on a non-association executive. She was named into ASAE’s Academy of Leaders for her commitment, contributions and leadership in the association community. She is an ASAE Fellow, a past Chair of the Fellows and a past Director on the ASAE and ASAE Business Services Boards. Jodie is a frequent speaker and has been recognized as a “best of” presenter at the ASAE Annual Meeting. She also appears frequently in AssociationsNow and was a contributing author of the book, Generating and Managing Non-dues Income in Associations. Jodie has a BA in English from Goucher College.

Her passions outside work include supporting animal welfare causes, traveling the world and working on physical fitness. She is constantly coming up with new ways to improve the 1890 carriage house she shares with her husband, David and their Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Aidan in Washington, DC. McKinley’s mascot Aidan can often be found asleep on the job and snoring in Jodie’s office.

“Providence favors the prepared mind.”

-Louis Pasteur

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