Results of the 2018 EIA Study: Moving Forward

Results of the 2018 EIA Study: Moving Forward
2018 Economic Impact on Associations (EIA)


McKinley’s Economic Impact on Associations (EIA) Study was launched in 2008, a time when associations – and the sectors and members they represent – were feeling severe economic hardship. Across eleven installments of this study, we have watched association perceptions and behaviors shift in response to economic and other environmental factors. Associations have adapted, and are now poised to move forward in unprecedented ways.

Yet, despite continued economic expansion, new challenges and concerns are top of mind for association executives. Changes in organizational priorities and actions related to legacy programs, models and structures are under increased pressure, perhaps suggesting more substantial changes related to value delivery are on the horizon for many associations.

The 2018 EIA Study dives in on the state of membership, the economy and themes of diversity, equity and inclusion in the association sector.