[Webinar] The Local Experience

[Webinar] The Local Experience
Image shows a map of the united states on a blue background with the title "The Local Experience: The Changing Approach to Member and Customer Engagement".


The Changing Approach to Member and Customer Engagement

In three months, we have gone from a nation of large-scale, in-person events to socially-distant, small gatherings. Regulations and guidelines are being set at the state and even local levels. All of these changes ⁠— and more ⁠— are impacting the way associations engage stakeholders and underscoring the importance of the local experience. Join us to hear how three associations are meeting members “where they are” with highly customized, local resources and initiatives.

Learning Objectives:

  • Review the key trends that are driving expectations and initiatives at the local level.
  • Gain examples of how state and national organizations are leveraging their communities and missions to increase value locally.
  • Learn how serving stakeholders at the local level is different from a national approach and what effective practices and cautions to keep in mind.

Meet the Speakers: