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Daniela Barrios

Associate Project Manager

Daniela Barrios

As an associate project manager at McKinley Advisors, Daniela Barrios brings a unique blend of interpersonal skills and analytical thinking to every project. She knows that success requires more than just following a plan - it requires building strong relationships with stakeholders, understanding the motivations of team members, and constantly adapting to changing circumstances.

With a degree in Applied Psychology and a natural talent for organizing and executing complex tasks, Daniela has found her niche in project management. She has more than five years of experience coordinating teams, projects and events.

For Daniela, project management isn't just a job - it's an opportunity to drive positive change in the world. She approaches every project with passion and enthusiasm, knowing that her work has the potential to help organizations achieve their goals and improve people's lives.

Originally from Venezuela, Daniela moved to the United States to pursue higher education and advance her career. Outside of work, Daniela loves to travel, explore new coffee shops, rock climb, do CrossFit and spend time with her family. She is also passionate about mindfulness and personal development. She believes that kindness, empathy, and creative thinking are the keys to a better world, and she strives to embody these values in everything she does.


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