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Candace Vanderpoel, M.A.

Practice Director

Candace Vanderpoel, M.A.

As a practice director on McKinley’s Research and Insights team, Candace Vanderpoel works closely with consultants and clients on survey development, management and analysis to synthesize data into actionable recommendations and deliverables. Candace also manages the focus group process at McKinley. Her specialization in diversity studies during her academic career ensures she can appeal to internal and external audiences when leading the design of research instruments for McKinley’s association clientele.

During her tenure at McKinley, Candace has worked on projects that span the gambit of association information needs, including branding research, DEI, product and service placement, communications and member needs assessments and meeting evaluations. Candace has extensive experience working on longer term engagements with clients doing institutional research and field studies, including partnering with McKinley clients to produce publications outlining salary, enrollment and degree trends in the marketplace. She worked closely with  the Association Forum on the Welcoming Environment Research initiative as the lead researcher. 

Candace joined the McKinley research team in 2013, after working as a Research Assistant for the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy. At AACP, Candace gained experience in the association field through institutional research as well as finance and operations. Candace also holds a B.A. from James Madison University and an M.A. from American University in psychology with a focus on personality, social psychology and diversity studies.

Candace was born in South Africa, and therefore was born to travel and experience different cultures. When not in the office, she enjoys escaping daily life through a good book or her guilty pleasure, reality television. Candace also likes experiencing new foods and tries to visit the area’s many restaurants as often as possible.


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