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Christopher Johnson


Christopher Johnson

As a consultant, Christopher Johnson supports research design, administration and reporting at McKinley. He works collaboratively with teams to provide data-based insights to association clients.

Christopher became interested in supporting associations through his role at the Consumer Technology Association, where he performed market and industry research. He also worked at the National Journal and discovered his interest in survey research while running annual surveys of DC media trends.

He has conducted qualitative and quantitative research for associations and government affairs firms for over five years. Throughout his career, Christopher has performed policy and media analysis with a focus on public and private sector trends. He has designed and led a product team creating intelligence reports that monitored and summarized developments with artificial intelligence legislation, regulation and industry impact. 

Christopher has a bachelor of arts degree in public policy and government from Gettysburg College. 

He is a DMV native and is always on the lookout for new restaurants and experiences in the city!


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