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Megan Piluk, MBA

Marketing Manager

Megan Piluk, MBA

As Marketing Manager, Megan builds awareness of McKinley Advisors and its services through various communications and marketing strategies. While promoting McKinley, she also often has the chance to share stories of the far-reaching impact that our diverse association clients have on their members, their communities and our world.

Prior to joining McKinley, Megan led the marketing team at CityDance. While there, she developed and implemented brand strategies that established and enhanced CityDance’s reputation within the field. She also crafted creative advertising plans for events and programs while finding new opportunities for cross-promotions and partnerships.

Megan received her MBA from Boston University. She holds a BA from the University of Maryland Honors College, with a dual degree in public relations/communication and dance.

Each year, Megan teaches 4,000 students a flash mob dance at a University of Maryland basketball game. She loves strategy board games and reading, especially business books. Fun fact: she can guess the name of any song in five seconds or less.


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