Meghana Deshmane
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Research Associate (202) 897-1899

Meghana Deshmane

As a Research Associate, Meghana is involved in the research and analysis stage of projects. She develops and administers survey instruments, carefully analyzes data and draws significant findings for use in deliverables. Her interest in psychology drives her examination of human motivations and decision-making, allowing for client recommendations grounded on key behavioral insights.

Prior to joining McKinley, Meghana worked and interned across various governmental and educational institutions, including the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the University of Maryland’s Sustainability and Computer Science departments. Her tasks across these positions included translating scientific research into palatable educational videos, assessing perceptions of student groups through field interviews and assisting in the implementation of a Massive Open Online Course initiative. She also cultivated primary social psychology research experience through her undergraduate coursework at the University of Maryland, from which she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a minor in agricultural and resource economics.

Meghana grew up outside of the great city of Philadelphia. In her spare time, she enjoys dabbling in various film and art projects, perusing through Netflix comedy specials and exploring the vast cultural and food-related offerings of D.C. A fan of cats and the outdoors, she envies dog-owners for being able to successfully take their pets on hikes.