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Patrick Glaser, M.A., MPA

Chief Practice Officer

Patrick Glaser, M.A., MPA

With a background in both opinion research as well as nonprofit management, Patrick Glaser, McKinley’s chief practice officer, enthusiastically focuses on research services for McKinley’s clients. He describes his personal goal for each client as the relentless pursuit of high-quality, actionable data that is tailored to meet stakeholders’ needs.

Patrick has an extensive background in marketing research as well as association management—possessing both technical knowledge of research as well as a substantive understanding of associations. Prior to joining McKinley, Patrick spent five years leading internal and public-release research for the Marketing Research Association. He has also served as a survey methodologist for Mathematica Policy Research, Inc. and as a project manager for the Center for Survey Research Analysis.

Professionally, Patrick has placed a priority on advancing the science behind research methods. To that end, he has published and presented work in academic journals and student textbooks, survey research trade publications and at numerous professional and academic association conferences. When not volunteering, Patrick enjoys sailing, traveling and spending time with his wife Gillian and their two dogs. Patrick has a BA in political science, a Masters of Public Administration (MPA) and an MA in survey research, all from the University of Connecticut.

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