At McKinley, we believe in the power of data. We believe that knowledge distilled from data can transform an organization – from Board members, who are fascinated with industry studies, to staff, who repeatedly ask the question: How do we compare to other associations? We have witnessed, through our work with hundreds of association clients from every sector and demographic, how collaborating with other organizations drives knowledge – it surfaces trends, produces innovative ideas, and cultivates improvement through the sharing of lessons learned and effective practices. So in 2009, we started the RoundTables Program to bring together associations from every sector, create a shared database of key association indicators, and engage in collaborative dialogue. Our primary goals include:

  • Collecting and preserving data that participants can use to monitor internal progress and benchmark against multiple associations
  • Identifying leading association trends that help participants anticipate the future and improve the present
  • Promoting dialogue and collaboration among association colleagues

In addition to conducting surveys we facilitate dialogue between participants on the issues that do not reveal themselves in the data alone. Through discussions we uncover the core issues that your association faces and how they compare in your peer group. By information sharing, participants collect new ideas and best practices to improve their organizations.

Ian: What I would really say about RoundTables is it is a very unique opportunity to spend a really significant chunk of time with people who have my job in other organizations inside of my vertical sector and with organizations that serve diverse communities in a variety of areas. And organizations that run the gamut from on the smaller side to people who drive $100 million worth of membership revenue. And to get to learn from each of them and what unique contributions they have. You’re also dealing with people who run the gamut in terms of experience. You have people who are fairly new in membership marketing and you have people who have been at it a while. Getting those different perspectives from both organization type and size, and from experience level, it’s just invaluable. And really, we walk away with ideas for how we can approach things the day after; we start working on things based on what we learned from the RoundTables.


Interested in participating? Please contact Christine Wagner by phone at 202.831.4687 or by email at Downloadable brochure.

Past Association Participants
American Association for the Advancement of Science • American Academy of Dermatology • American Chemical Society • American Institute of Chemical Engineers • American Society for Quality • American Society of Civil Engineers • National Association of Social Workers • Society for Neuroscience Ian King, Director of Marketing and Member Services for the American Association for the Advancement of Science with Shelley Sanner, CAE, Managing Consultant discuss the value of RoundTables and talking with your association peers.

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