December 2010 Digest

December 2010 Digest

Written by Rachel Friedmann, MA, MSM, former Senior Business Development and Marketing Manager

From our December 2010 McKinley Matters:

We’ve been staying current with some of the more compelling articles and blog postings related to the ongoing evolution of digital marketing. Here’s a synopsis:

Professional social networking site LinkedIn is now adding a new member every second, says CEO Jeff Weiner in a recent Mashable article. The site now has 85 million members in total and is experiencing its fastest growth overseas. We have seen quite a few associations really beginning to expand their LinkedIn presence. With LinkedIn’s new company pages in beta version it will be interesting to watch how associations will use these new features to interact with their members online.

With the numerous ways to communicate online, it is hard to determine what vehicle is most effective. It is widely known that peer recommendations are more effective than advertisements, but what is the best way to share information online with our peers in this digital age? Stats comparing the effectiveness of sharing via email vs. social media reveal that content shared via email tends to lead to more engagement but have lower click rates than items shared sent through Twitter or Facebook. Consider your goals and whether click rates or engagement is most important prior to sending out your next message.

The term “social media” still scares many of us, but there are applications that are helping even the most novice of users to navigate and monitor the social scene. Dashboard applications such as Tweetdeck and HootSuite have not been around long but have already made a huge impact. Recently, HootSuite reached the important milestone of 1 million registered users and has provided fascinating stats from their two-year history to celebrate.