Economic Impact on Associations Study 2013

Economic Impact on Associations Study 2013

At McKinley, we often talk about the tremendous value of longitudinal research. Indeed, we try to continually remind ourselves (and our clients) that while taking a one-time snapshot of member perception is certainly valuable, expanding the research discipline to track key data over time opens up a whole new window on market intelligence and strategic decision making.

Nowhere can we see this more clearly than in our recently released 2013 Economic Impact on Associations (EIA) Study. Marking the sixth installment in our ongoing benchmarking series, the 2013 EIA study provides a glimpse of the current perceptions within our sector as well as clear illustrations of trending data that becomes so valuable in looking at the impact of changes over time.

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The optimism seen in previous studies continued this year as associations begin to regain a sense of stability. Respondents from nearly every industry sector reported higher overall 5-year net membership trends; even those from sectors that were deeply impacted by the recession. This renewed sense of stability is causing many associations to shift from implementing short-term solutions, like hiring freezes and budget cutbacks, to focusing on efforts which require resources but promise deeper return-on-investment. As part of this process, 70% of respondents are examining and considering making changes to their membership model in order to achieve other association goals. What is your association planning for 2013?


In the past year, have you made or have you considered making, significant changes to your membership structure and benefits packages?