Expanding Access to Resources Due to Covid-19

Expanding Access to Resources Due to Covid-19
Infographic showing how associations are expanding access to resources during COVID-19.

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As the need for updated industry information increased, many associations responded by expanding non-member access to resources that are typically behind the member wall. Additionally, many associations increased the number of new resources they produced to keep up with changing member needs. As our country finds a new normal, we asked associations how they are planning to sustain these resources and monetize them in the future.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, how has your association expanded non-member access to resources typically available for only members?


Chart showing how associations are expanding resources to non-members.

If you expanded non-member resource access, how will you further change that access in the future?


Chart showing how associations will further change the access to expanded non-member resources in the future.

How will you monetize new non-member resources created during the pandemic?

“We have been agressive in turning non-members into members that have used [association] resources during COVID-19.”


“Nonmembers are allowed to participate in our new virtual roundtables (topic-focused) and hangout (open forum) discussions. We’ve added virtual events with non-member access and very attractive low fees and have also done some cross promotion.”


“We are not creating “non-member” resources per se. Instead we are evaluating our current product/service mix to see where we should be charging and creating a better distinction around membership value.”


“These are not being monetized – expansion [is] limited to current members unable to pay annual dues plus member prospects. Access viewed as necessary to full dialogue about industry changes and future.”

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