Three Email Tactics You Can Try This Week

Three Email Tactics You Can Try This Week

According to The Radicati Group Email Statistics Report, 2013-2017, more than 180 billion emails are sent every day and 100 billion of those are business emails. What are some tactics to break through the clutter?

Try a personalized “from” name.

How many emails do you receive from JCrew, The Home Depot, or other businesses (see above statistic)? Marketing emails tend to flood everyone’s email inbox. Break through the clutter by displaying a personal name as the sender, rather than your association name. Even if the email still comes from [email protected], displaying a person’s name, typically a VP or Director of marketing or communications, tends to increase open rates (one client recently saw open rates increase by 5% by personalizing the email).

Drive recipients to take one action.

Though it’s tempting to include links to every relevant piece of information mentioned in an email, your audience is busy and easily distracted. Don’t divide their attention among multiple pages on your site, when the email is supposed to drive registrations. Give one clear call-to-action and include only one link to ensure your desired action happens, whether it’s visiting the registration page, learning about a webinar, or reading the latest news.

Quantify your subject line.

Which email are you more likely to open?

  • Annual registration deadline approaching
  • 10 days left to register for Annual

What about these?

  • 5 new training courses available
  • New training courses available

There’s something about a number that naturally piques our interest. Play off that curiosity by quantifying your subject line.

These tactics are easy to implement and test on your audience. Did you see results?