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April 9, 2020

Your 2020 Game Plan: A Discussion Guide

A Discussion Guide for Association Executives Responding to the COVID-19 Crisis.

It is abundantly clear that the coronavirus crisis is impacting each sector of the economy — including the association industry — in numerous ways. To say that it is challenging to know how to react is an understatement. There is no one playbook with all the answers. Given that, we have developed a discussion guide to support association executives as they navigate ongoing uncertainty.

This resource guides you through prioritizing:

  • Your organization’s needs.
  • Framing your continuing response to the crisis.
  • Setting up the foundation you need for future success.


Download 2020 Game Plan

Our hope is that these topics will foster vital conversations identifying the most important areas for your attention. Our experience in sharing this directly with CEOs in the association space is that it will either help validate that you are on track with your current efforts, or it will highlight critical areas that need some additional focus. Both results are essential to strengthening your team’s awareness.

The five areas outlined in the attached document — People, Decision Making, Finance, Portfolio, Data and Systems — cover the full scope of effectively leading an association in this environment. Highlighted approaches are recommended to contain early damage and build on your strengths. Making progress in these areas will also position you to pivot into the new economy that will inevitably emerge when the world re-engages.

Your organization is likely resilient in some of these areas but could benefit from enhanced focus on others. While this document doesn’t have all the answers, we hope it empowers your team to develop them while continuing your mission.

Download 2020 Game Plan


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