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Portfolio Analysis

Evaluating and implementing changes to your portfolio is a high-stakes endeavor. Our team has the experience and methodologies to deliver a synthesized set of data-driven recommendations.

Strategic Analysis of Programs and Services

Measure Profitability

Your personalized dashboard will track profitability, stakeholder satisfaction, alignment to your strategic plan, perceived value and more.

Maximize Impact

Discover where you have the potential to invest more, where you should divest, and what needs to be postponed or eliminated given your goals.

Plan for the Future

You will receive an overview of the process so that you can apply the portfolio analysis to future programs, products and services.

Our Data-Driven Approach

We leverage extensive research and stakeholder input to uncover how programs are performing against their relative resource allocation. Our recommendations can be used to drive greater organizational health, growth and mission impact.


Our approach starts with an immersion and planning process to review the goals and drivers of this project, identify data and resources to be gathered as part of our initial discovery, and discuss mutual expectations and timeline for successful completion. 

Portfolio Analysis Framework

We will work with your team to explore which  programs and offerings should be included in the analysis, identify the specific variables that will be used to assess programs and decide which categories the programs and offerings will be sorted into for evaluation. 


Our team will develop and deploy a survey or poll to understand how your current products and programs are perceived by your member and customer markets.

Portfolio Dashboard Development

We will develop a set of dashboards that illustrate program performance across a range of metrics, likely to include stakeholder satisfaction, alignment to the strategic plan, perceived value, profitability and staff time required to deliver programs and services.

Strategize for the Future

Our recommendations will highlight where you can increase investment to drive greater financial and mission returns, areas that should be maintained, and programs and efforts that the organization should consider divesting, pausing or eliminating to drive greater organizational sustainability and impact.  

The SFA engaged McKinley Advisors and initiated the portfolio analysis project with a deep-seated motivation to stay at the forefront of our industry. Managing and interpreting vast volumes of data required a significant effort, and McKinley was incredibly helpful in working with the team to process it all. These changes are having a profound impact on our organization. We are starting to experience improved member engagement, streamlined resource allocation and a stronger competitive position in the market. The insights from our portfolio analysis empowered us to make informed decisions that led to a more agile, competitive and strategically aligned portfolio.

Bill Lynch

President, Specialty Food Association (SFA)

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