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An Environmental Analysis of the Healthcare Sector with the American College of Cardiology

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McKinley Advisors (McKinley) teamed with the American College of Cardiology (ACC) on a thorough scan of the healthcare sector in which their members operate. This led to findings that proved beneficial for planning and pivoting to best serve the organization’s members now and into the future.


ACC’s mission is to transform cardiovascular care and improve heart health for all. For over 70 years, ACC has provided a forum for cardiovascular professionals to learn, grow and share knowledge. It strives to realize its vision of a world where innovation and knowledge optimize cardiovascular care and outcomes for all. With cardiovascular disease remaining the leading cause of mortality worldwide, ACC is always looking ahead to assess broader trends in the environment and looking for ways it can help its members help their patients.
The organization’s core values embody three tenants: Patient-Centered, Teamwork and Collaboration, and Professionalism, Excellence, and Equity. ACC leadership takes the strategic planning process seriously in service to these values and is supported by a professional strategic planning office.
In order to make wise decisions and plan for the future, associations need to have an understanding of their operating environment and internal and external forces impacting the field. Part of ACC’s planning process was a recognition that there are significant disruptors in today's environment, and that good planning starts with an earnest and genuine understanding of an organization’s ecosystem. 

In response, ACC conducted research with its own stakeholders and brought on McKinley to scan the greater healthcare environment to validate and identify trends that would reveal and inform how ACC could make the most positive, meaningful impact on cardiology. During these dynamic, turbulent times, this foresight and planning become increasingly valuable.


McKinley completed a thorough environmental scan, expert interviews, and conducted business intelligence to identify and fully understand leading healthcare trends that would affect the ACC and its members.

For the environmental scan, our team reviewed published articles and reports from relevant organizations such as, McKinsey, Deloitte, PWC, WHO and other healthcare associations.

As part of this work, McKinley interviewed industry experts with experience at executive positions in healthcare systems, insurance and technology sectors. Our team also conducted benchmarking interviews with leaders in top healthcare associations.

We synthesized the trends that emerged from the environmental scan and interviews and mapped the short-term vs long-term impact of each trend on the ACC along with recommendations for future strategic planning. 


In scanning the healthcare ecosystem in which ACC operates, several key trends were uncovered: Patient Consumerism, technology, ambulatory care models, non-traditional competitors, COVID-19 trends and healthcare payment model shifts emerged as healthcare sector trends that will transform the industry.

This work forms the foundation for ACC leaders to make informed decisions, provides clarity to their task in developing strategy, and arms them to be more effective stewards of the association.

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