Product Development and Management Services

Your partner for innovation, development and testing.

Today it’s imperative for healthy associations to develop innovative products and services that engage members and attract new customers. To ensure your products or services are successful, you need a partner to help identify market needs, facilitate new solutions and develop a test and launch plan. As your partner, we’ll help you:

  • Identify product enhancements and new concepts that support member retention or revenue generation
  • Reduce the risk and improve chances of successful product development
  • Identify and meet audiences needs with new products and services
  • Provide staff, volunteers and board members with data and processes for objective decision-making

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Our approach

Our approach is designed to be flexible to meet the needs and budget of associations of any size. Our services help associations:

  • Identify and confirm member and customer needs
  • Gather data and research to profile target audiences’ behavior and perceptions
  • Review current products’ health and lifecycle stage for opportunities
  • Ideate on product enhancements and new concepts to address audience needs
  • Develop a plan to test and prototype new product concepts

Our research and consulting services are divided into a four-stage approach:


Look Look

Working with your team, our research experts will review and assess available data (e.g. member and customer data, revenue, costs, etc.) and recommend the most effective research, analysis and additional opportunities to meet your objectives. Possible solutions can include:

  • Targeted Current State Analysis
  • In-depth Interviews
  • Customer Research
  • Market Research


Learn Learn 

Based on your needs, our findings can provide insight into the current state of your products, profile and summarize your target audiences and their needs, and reveal gaps and opportunities to explore. This phase offers a staff facilitation and ideation session grounded in the reality of your association’s resources and customer needs.

Plan Plan 

All of the elements of the “Learn” phase come together with a final product testing and development plan. This plan synthesizes the research findings, analysis, product enhancements, new concepts & their criteria, testing & development approaches, and other recommendations. We will work with your team to ensure your product is informed by data, customer needs and the resources and capabilities of your association.

Deliver Test

The final phase focuses on testing and implementation. Based on your needs and available resources, we can partner with your association to test, prototype and validate any of the proposed enhancements or new concepts. Our experts will ensure actionable insights through exercises like concept testing, prototyping, price tolerance testing and focus groups.


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