Lindsey Burns
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Marketing Consultant 202.695.8308

Lindsey Burns

As a marketing consultant on the solutions team, Lindsey Burns leads the implementation and tracking of membership and marketing efforts, including copywriting and analyzing client metrics. She also manages logistics and calendars to ensure McKinley’s long-term engagements run smoothly.

Prior to joining McKinley, Lindsey worked in the customer success department of a large benefits enrollment software company based in Charleston, South Carolina. As a benefits administrator and eventually a benefits analyst, she worked with both the big picture needs of her clients, as well as the needs of individual employees regarding their healthcare options. She has a strong analytical background, and also has experience with journalism and social media marketing, having co-ran an online collegiate magazine during her undergraduate years.

Lindsey graduated cum laude from College of Charleston with a Bachelor of Science in marketing and a minor in communications. Though originally born in Connecticut and raised in New Jersey, Lindsey fell in love with the southern state of mind during her years spent in South Carolina and remains a steadfast Clemson fan. In her spare time, she enjoys exploring new destinations and checking off things to do and places to visit from her bucket list. She has a passion for any and all things fashion-related, music-related and of course, food-related.