Assessment and Strategy to Drive Membership

Assessment and Strategy to Drive Membership
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The Association of Performing Arts Presenters (APAP) has a limited, $3,500,000 budget and small staff responsible for managing marketing efforts to APAP’s audiences of  facilities, programs and institutions that put on performances (municipalities, colleges and universities, theatres, etc.). To better meet membership and marketing goals, APAP realized they needed to retain guidance from an association expert. In February 2011, APAP hired McKinley to assess their marketing operations and provide strategy to their membership and programs and services marketing.

By working alongside every level of the organization, from the CEO to volunteer leaders, McKinley was able to capture and address the various needs and expectations to be met. In a short time, McKinley operationalized retention and recruitment processes by developing and managing a marketing strategy and tactical plan reflective of APAP’s staffing capacity and marketing budget. This plan included identifying and defining the roles and responsibilities of the staff, the best way to leverage technology and how to monitor, refine and track marketing efforts to maximize ROI.


Within a few months our efforts produced results. The new standardized renewal process increased the number of members paying dues earlier in their renewal cycle and engagement in monthly non-member and recruitment communications. In one year, these efforts yielded 80 new joins/rejoins as compared to 20 the year before.