Building a Sustainable, Successful New Membership Model for NACSA

Building a Sustainable, Successful New Membership Model for NACSA
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The National Association of Charter School Authorizers (NACSA) retained McKinley to help the association develop and communicate an enhanced membership dues model and explore various approaches to benefits and offerings. The project consisted of several research phases, including telephone interviews with members and non-members, an electronic survey with the broader charter school authorizing community, and benchmarking interviews with other associations to learn innovative membership approaches and best practices. Findings from these research steps were used to develop potential models for membership that included different price points and benefit packages, which were then market tested. Our recommendations included revising the scale for NACSA’s size-based model, adding new benefits that would appeal to individual authorizer staff members, and offering an option to upgrade to a “NACSA Plus” membership category with additional benefits. McKinley also developed and supported the implementation of a communications plan to roll out changes.


To date, we’ve sold 15 NACSA Plus packages and my goal was ten in the first year. We experienced very little attrition with more than 90 percent of our members renewing. We have received nothing but positive responses to the restructured dues categories. Furthermore, we’ve exceeded our revenue targets by more than $20,000 and welcomed 24 new members this year. All of our members are excited about our new benefits. The NACSA Communities have launched to a very positive response with more than half of our members signed up to participate in at least one. We have also made the decision to switch our AMS solution to provide more benefits and better customer service to our members.