Communicating and Promoting a New Membership Category

Communicating and Promoting a New Membership Category
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The American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) represents almost 3,000 physicians and is dedicated to increasing access and improving the quality of addiction treatment. In 2013, the ASAM Board approved an Associate Member category for non-physicians to join under an Addiction Professionals Section. Recognizing that physician members might be concerned about including non-physicians, ASAM retained McKinley to develop a strategy and tactics to ensure the new membership category would be well-received by physicians and attractive to non-physicians.

To help ASAM accomplish their goals, McKinley developed and executed a communications and marketing plan to announce and promote the new membership category. To inform the plan, McKinley first conducted an internal assessment by interviewing staff and reviewed current marketing and communications and existing data related to needs and expectations of ASAM. After the plan was approved, McKinley took ownership of it to ensure it was executed according to the desired timing and budget to achieve ASAM’s goals related to new, non-physician members.


McKinley rolled out the new Associate Member category and articulated its value in compelling ways which resonate with the association’s physician and non-physician audiences.

“We are very pleased with McKinley’s work on marketing our new membership category. Their thorough knowledge of associations and commitment to delivering high-quality deliverables and materials was vital to the success of our new non-physician membership category. I highly recom”
Carolyn Lanham, CAE
Chief Operating Officer