Fulfilling the Role of Marketing Director for IISE

Fulfilling the Role of Marketing Director for IISE
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The Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE) struggled to fill its Director of Marketing position and was unable to recruit the desired talent and abilities. IISE lacked the expertise to conduct member research and develop a strategic approach to meet marketing and membership goals and guide internal resources, including a communications department and in-house graphic designer. Therefore, IISE sought an alternative solution to meet the Institute’s needs for strategic marketing direction.

In 2012, IISE hired McKinley to serve as the outsourced Marketing Director to provide strategic marketing direction for member acquisition and retention and product and program sales, along with hands-on tactical support to execute marketing activities. In the beginning of the first year of our engagement, McKinley built trust and a collaborative environment while delivering “quick wins” for the organization. In our second year, McKinley continues to foster ongoing communications and has recommended and conducted appropriate research and data analysis activities to support IISE’s goals.


IISE now has an understanding of member needs and a strategic marketing approach along with McKinley’s diverse staff team that fulfills the expectations IISE would have of a highly-qualified, experienced and reliable Marketing Director. McKinley’s team works in collaboration with IISE staff to develop and implement strategies and tactics to reach the organization’s goals. In our first year, McKinley’s efforts led to an increase in student-to-professional conversion by 3%, a 9% increase in reinstating lapsed members and a 9% decrease for lapsed professional members over the previous year.

“After experiencing some hiring challenges in our marketing department, IISE turned to McKinley Advisors to serve as our outsourced marketing director. During the past year our McKinley team of three people has worked closely with the IISE staff to provide both strategic direction and ongoing tactical support. We have benefited from the different levels of expertise our McKinley team provides. And we get all this for approximately what I had paid one internal marketing director in the past. The marketing guidance we have received has been precise; and the return on our investment has been very high. I am looking forward to continuing our relationship with McKinley Advisors next year.”
Donna Calvert
Chief Operating Officer