Improving ICPI’s Membership and Dues Structure

Improving ICPI’s Membership and Dues Structure
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The Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI) had been looking to change its dues structure for nearly a decade without a viable solution. A task group was formed in 2004, and while efforts were suspended during the recession, the group had not been able to successfully develop a feasible solution to the member-perceived inequities that existed within ICPI’s complicated structure. Changes to the industry, including consolidation and new production techniques, created a situation where the old structure was not scalable nor designed to guarantee the long-term financial health of the organization.

McKinley was retained by the ICPI to help the organization develop a new membership and dues structure. Our process included interviews with volunteer leaders, financial analysis, telephone interviews with members representing various segments of the concrete paver industry and an electronic survey. After conducting financial forecasting and attrition analysis, we collaborated with the ICPI’s Dues Equity Subcommittee to refine models prior to delivering our recommendations to the ICPI and its Board.


The ICPI Board adopted a new membership structure, including a scalable size-based model for producers and a value-based model for contractors, in early 2013. The organization is currently collecting dues using the new dues structure, which has been well received by members.