Successfully Marketing the Move from Print to Online

Successfully Marketing the Move from Print to Online
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In early 2011, the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) retained McKinley to develop a strategic approach to marketing the new Medical School Admission Requirements Interactive (MSAR IT). Since 2005, as the internet information trend gained popularity with prospective medical school students, the print MSAR guide book suffered declining sales. To reverse the trend, preserve MSAR’s reputation as the most valuable resource for medical school information, and increase revenue, AAMC developed the MSAR IT and engaged McKinley to assist in the strategic marketing of the new resource.

McKinley reviewed existing metrics and materials on the MSAR and developed a strategic marketing plan to reach the right audiences (primarily medical school applicants) through the right channels and with the right messages. In addition, McKinley conducted research to identify and prioritize options for promoting the MSAR IT to relevant institutions and organizations, including many of AAMC’s member schools.


McKinley’s efforts contributed to a very successful launch of the new, technology-enabled product.